AskAlex #47

Another book related question this week that will see me plough my inner most thoughts and delve into my previous reads. I do, of course, have an answer to this question and I’m sure most people who read a fair amount will too. Let me know what your answer is!

What is one book that you feel has significantly changed the way you think about the world and why?

Of all the amazing books I’ve read, I’m afraid I cannot pick just one. However, it is a toss up between two, both written by the same author. I discovered this author in January of last year and I’m delighted that I can now pick up one of his books for a read that I know will be funny, emotional and thought-provoking. These books are The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns by John Green.

The Fault In Our Stars is one that I’ve discussed a lot on this blog already and regular readers will know how much of an effect it had on me. After finishing the book, not only was I deeply moved by the story but I was also inspired to work hard at achieving my dream. The way John Green told the story of Hazel and Gus made me realise how lucky I was to be young, fit and healthy with my whole life ahead of me. As someone with anxiety that often holds me back and depression that often leaves me feeling awful, it was exactly what I needed to kick me into finally feeling good about my own life. Of course, I knew that Hazel and Gus were fictional characters but they do actually exist everywhere all over the world. Cancer is real and it affects people in exactly the way it did them. I’m just so lucky that I don’t have it too.

Paper Towns left me with a different message but one that was just as strong. It’s not considered to be one of John Green’s best books with many people preferring The Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska but for me, Paper Towns was another inspirational thought-altering read. It reminded me that not everyone is as they appear to be. There are different sides to everyone and some of those sides we never get to see. In turn, this raises the question of whether we actually really know anyone properly or just a certain version of them. It’s definitely an interesting concept and one that I think has a lot of truth in it. I definitely have different “faces” for different people and it’s possible that most of those people will never know another side of me. This makes it very hard to judge anyone because their actions could be products of a side to them that we know nothing about, so we should just be mindful of this at all times. A simple message but one that definitely affected the way I thought about both friends and strangers.



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