AskAlex #48

An interesting question this week that is unlike anything I’ve answered before. I’m not sure where the answer will go but it’s definitely exciting and intriguing!

What is something you believe to be true but have no actual proof of?

I am not a religious person and never will be. On the whole, I wholeheartedly disbelieve anything where there is no concrete proof because what am I then basing my belief on? Speculation from other people who also have no proof? I don’t understand where people find the blind faith needed to believe in a God and a religion so much so that they dedicate their lives to it.

However, I do believe in something else after this life. I don’t believe in a Heaven, a God or a Hell but I do believe that every living thing has a spirit and that there are spirits everywhere. That may be a pretty creepy thing to think about but I don’t think many people can deny that there is a spiritual quality to humans and animals. The fact that we have the ability to love unconditionally and the power to inspire others is something that surpasses the concrete mundaneness of the real world. I believe that everyone’s soul is made up of who they are -their hopes, dreams, fears and loves- and when we die, that life with those things ends. The soul leaves our body but remains close to those we leave behind. We don’t suddenly sprout wings and become angels or join with an all-powerful deity -we are our own afterlife. Whether we meet up with dead relatives and friends, I don’t know, but if there is nothing after this life, then what is the point? What would be the point in living one life and then that’s it, that’s all you get?

I’ve always been very interested in the supernatural and I love stories of people who claim to have had encounters with the dead. In some cases, I really think there is some truth in it because there are some things that simply cannot be explained without dipping into discussions about the possibility of a spirit world living invisibly alongside ours. Maybe we are also living invisibly alongside them and they are as afraid of us?

Similarly, I also believe that there is life on other planets and possibly stars. It’s ignorant to think that we are the only life in the entire galaxy and the idea of aliens is wholly believable. They probably don’t have as much interest as we do in them which may explain why they have never contacted us but there’s no reason to think that we are an isolated population amongst the vastness of the galaxy and indeed universe. I’m not sure if we’ll ever find them but that definitely isn’t to say that they’re not real.

So although I don’t normally believe in things without proof, spirits and aliens are definitely things I do believe in. We have no real proof of their existence but we also don’t have any proof that they don’t. However, we do have considerably more proof of both these phenomena than we do of any kind of omniscient God.


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