AskAlex #49

Ok, so I put my sad lame hands in the air on this question. I’ll save myself the jeers and not make it too long!

What is the lamest accomplishment that you’re proud of?

I’m afraid it’s memorising ridiculous, useless information! When I was younger, I could recite the entirety of the Matilda film script -stupid, I know but I remember being so proud of myself at the time. Forgive me, I was no older than nine years old!

Nowadays, my memory still works very well and I can list all 50 US states (despite being English) without using the internet and I can also give you all the names of the 151 original Pokemon, although that does take me a while!

My memory is definitely something I’ve always been proud of and it certainly has served me well when it comes to lame achievements!


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