AskAlex #50

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve reached the 50th AskAlex post! It is almost at the year milestone too, so that’s pretty exciting. Once again, I’m always up to questions from my readers and I’ll always answer them, so please leave them in a comment!

What are your top tips for becoming more likeable?

Seems a fairly obvious answer to this question. Smiling more and showing an interest in other people are clearly positive qualities that come off well when you meet new people. It feels weird answering this question when I have so much social anxiety myself. I know that I am incredibly shy and as a result, I can come off as quite stand-offish with new people. However, I know what I like in people I first meet and so I’ll impart that to you.

I like people who ask questions about me and are receptive to my views on things. People who talk about themselves non-stop or immediately shout down my opinions when it took a lot of courage for me to express them in the first place really get me annoyed. Smiling and maintaining eye contact throughout a conversation is also really important. Any of the little things that make me feel that the person is interested in me and what I have to say ticks all the boxes in my opinion.

Of course, it can be hard to focus your attention on one person especially in a crowded setting but I think it is really important for getting to know someone. I also love people who are open. As a curious person, it really irritates me when people are obviously holding things back or keeping secrets. I can always tell too, so I can go away from interactions like that really irked.

Apart from that, it’s just little personal taste things really. I love people who are kind to animals, creative people, ambitious people and those who are genuinely comfortable in the skin they’re in. There’s nothing more inspiring and refreshing to be around than someone who is happy with the way they are. Of course, arrogance oversteps the mark but those who don’t complain about their looks are a really uplifting influence.


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