AskAlex #51

A little look into the side of my life that isn’t often seen again this week. This answer will probably show me off in an extremely nerdy light but I guess that is what these AskAlex questions tend to do.

What is a weird quirk about you that very few people know?

It probably won’t come as much of a shock to the people who know me but I do like some rather geeky TV shows and films. I’ve said before in AskAlex posts that I love children’s TV and films and I still regularly watch Disney films but this isn’t something I really hide much. However, I don’t often mention my love of shows such as Blue’s Clues and The Hoobs. Kids shows that make you think a little bit and have some air of mystery involved really enthral me in a way that adult equivalents often don’t. Kids presenters make me laugh too, so I think it’s that innocent happy atmosphere that I love.

My love of game shows is another weird quirk that doesn’t often come up in conversation. I especially love retro game shows such as The Crystal Maze and Knightmare. I’m pretty sure I’ve just alienated all non-British readers but these are basically adventure game shows that used to be on British TV in the 80s and 90s. However, thanks to Challenge (a Sky TV channel) I can now watch them and many others and this is something that I’ve loved doing since I was really young. I was too young to know about them when they were on mainstream TV, so they are all new to me!

I also love doing crosswords, wordsearches and any other word puzzle. I love words and challenging myself with them is really fun. It also distracts me from other worries I might have and I find them really relaxing for my mind. When it just won’t calm down inside my head, a word puzzle normally does the trick.

I can’t think of any other strange quirks I have but I’m sure my close friends will be able to tell you!


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