Only The Young

onlytheyoungIt has been a while since I introduced a new band but there’s no better way to jump right back in than with Only The Young. Those who know me will know that I love a slice of pop every now and then and this is exactly what this group of youngsters are about. Blending smooth harmonies with the musical talent to give them an edge over other manufactured pop groups, Only The Young could well be on their way to some serious heights.

They may be fresh-faced and wide-eyed at present but these guys are a long way from just pretty faces, autotunes and techno beats that normally come with upcoming pop artists. They’re raw, handy with a guitar or two and hungry for what is ahead of them. On top of that, all four have great natural voices!

I was first contacted about them with regard to their success at Capital’s Summertime Ball where they were picked by Vodafone to play to a packed Wembley Stadium. Achieving a huge honour like that at such an early stage in their career sets them up for big things. The excited teens have documented their journey to the world-famous stadium and the biggest show of their lives in a video which you can watch below.

Made up of cute-looking boyband types Charlie and Mikey along with some powerful songstresses Parisa and Betsy, Only The Young have an infectious style and a lot of likeability that will sit well in the current pop industry. We’ve been inundated with both boybands and girlbands of late and lacking in good mixed-gender pop groups since the glory days of Steps and S Club, so they’ve come around at just the right time.

The London four-piece were put together by the creators of Black Heart hitmakers Stooshe in late 2012 and they’ve since blessed the internet with covers of chart-topping pop classics such as a pretty impressive mash-up of One Republic’s Counting Stars and Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball which is the perfect introduction to this exciting new name. Watch this space because I think we’re witnessing the rise of the next big pop band.



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