FEHMPICLARGEDiscovering new talent is one of the best parts of writing about music and FEHM are a band who recently appeared on my radar. Angry, ethereal and wonderfully weird, they have a huge amount of unique talent that is sure to send them far. Writing about issues that affect the masses such as unemployment and anxiety, their songs resonate with a huge number of listeners and it’s this real down-to-earth preaching that gives them their appeal.

The Leeds goth foursome have only been around for a year but have done their fair share of gigs. The release of their first EP, Animal Skin, is due to be released this month and they debuted its lead single Hand To Mouth two weeks ago. Their live performance has been given favourable reviews with lengthy descriptions from reviewers with regard to their onstage antics. Frontman Paul Riddle was said to “pace the stage like a man possessed” which certainly sits well with their strange sound.

Their first single is packed with shimmering synths, dark industrial guitars and a quirky frantic vocal. It’s a great showstopper with a steampunk-esque feel to it that is rare in new music. FEHM clearly take inspiration from the atmospheric goth-rockers of the 70s and 80s, such as Bauhaus and this influence sets them apart.

The genre is not as prominent as it once was but if FEHM release their brand of kooky post-punk to the masses, goth could well see a revival. Their EP Animal Skin is released on April 11th but until then, have a listen to Hand To Mouth below.

The band are playing a few shows to celebrate the EP’s release. Two Leeds shows on the release date April 11th (Brudenell) and May 2nd (Live At Leeds festival) as well as a London gig on April 25th (The Waiting Room). Keep up with FEHM on Facebook and Twitter.


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