Fictonian, Make It Be Ours The Video

The main reason that I wanted to share this video is due to its unique nature. It’s from multi-instrumentalist Fictonian, who shot the main focus of the video (that which you can see on the small TV screen) entirely on a mobile phone. The video was filmed over two years in Croatia and on the riverbanks in Wye, near where the song Make It Be Ours was written. Fictonian said: “I knew exactly what I wanted visually – to work with the lyrics and song, so started recording videos of my feet (and my girlfriends feet) the same day I wrote the song, before it was ever demoed. That was over two years ago now, so I’ve had a lot of feet footage to play with!” The song itself is a little too drab and monotone for me but the concept of the video is intriguing nonetheless!



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