Chili And The Whalekillers

chiliwhalekillersWhen I rebooted this blog and stated that I only wanted to review certain genres of music, I did worry that it might become a bit static and one-dimensional. However, when I was sent a press release for Chili and the Whalekillers, I realised that it’s unlikely to happen due to the huge scope that my chosen genres have. Indie is such a diverse area and this Icelandic-Austrian band are yet another face of it.

Merging an authentic 60s sound with modern arty indie-pop, the five-piece have created retro music for the millenials. They released their first album The Tragic Tale of Julie and the Crying Clown in 2011 to critical acclaim in Austria, where they are best known. Since then, they have gone on to win the European Youth Forum’s Emerging Band contest and their single Turn reached number three in the Icelandic charts. That song and the album of the same name is set to be released in the UK on May 11th.

Turn is a laid-back affair with that rich old-fashioned vibe featuring mellow guitars and a jaunty melody. A sweet chorus and layers of harmonies top it off. It also has a pretty cute video which you can watch below!

Chili and the Whalekillers are also touring the UK next month. The full list of dates are:
May 14th- The Great Escape Festival, Brighton
May 15th- The Hop, Wakefield
May 16th- Riverside Live, Sheffield
May 17th- Gillespie Crescent, Edinburgh
May 18th- The Griffin, Glasgow
May 19th- Jenny Blyth Fine Art at ART Jericho, Oxford
May 20th- The Old Blue Last, London
May 22nd- Sound City Festival, Liverpool

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