SONG REVIEW: Vladimir, In My Head

IN_MY_HEAD_ArtworkTITLE: In My Head
BAND: Vladimir
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: April 27th 2015

Last year, I reviewed Vladimir’s single Come Over and now they’re back with a new one. The alternative band from Dundee have announced new single In My Head ahead of their London date with The Fall on April 24th.

Despite still being in their late teens, Vladimir have racked up an impressive live CV already sharing stages with Pulled Apart By Horses and The View. They aren’t for the listener who loves their quirky, upbeat indie or pop. These boys have a lot of grit and a darkness that haunts their power-driven rock. Q magazine described their music as “addictive melodies that smack you in the face like a belligerent drunk at a funeral”. In My Head is their latest down-and-out offering.

vladimirOpening with dark instruments and a dreary mature vocal, In My Head is a solid alternative track. There is no denying that Vladimir don’t sound their age and their moody tone is what gives them their appeal. Although they are bleak and dismal, they don’t sound like a group of stroppy teens. The noisy instruments frame the repetitive hook and monotone melody reminding us of their signature angsty edge.

They’ve got a reputation for being loud and energetic and In My Head is straight from the smoky bars of underground Dundee. However, that doesn’t mean it belongs there. They’ve got an Arctic Monkeys quality to their riffs crossed with Kaiser Chiefs-esque rhythms. Although they are the blacker side of indie, they’ve still got an innate slant towards the quirky.

Listen to In My Head below and fall in love with a young band who still have a lot more to give.


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