EP REVIEW: Go On Do It Jump, January

goondoitjumpepTITLE: January
BAND: Go On Do It Jump
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: January 26th 2015

This Oxford four-piece certainly have a name you’ll remember. Apparently it came about when singer Dave Thompson was sitting on a rooftop and a Scottish guy uttered the words “Go on, do it, jump” and to drop a cliche, the rest is history! Gumtree is to answer for the formation of the band who all share a love for melodic rock with a touch of the sun to it. Therefore, their band was born in 2011.

A debut EP entitled Grace, Poise, Clarity followed a couple of years later to the band’s mantra of “play what we love and love what we play”. Supporting Klaxons and Catfish and the Bottlemen, Go On Do It Jump have earned themselves some fans in high places including Keira Knightley who once heard them soundcheck. January is a double EP that can be easily split into two -the first four songs dealing with the past and the second four with the future. Both halves comprise of the band’s upbeat pop-rock that formed the basis of their union.

January I begins with We Were A Somewhere, a chilled out summer background track. It begins with a fuzzy alternative rock intro and lapses into the clear deep indie vocal. Even the whining guitars blend into the melody and the strong drums in the instrumental really flesh it out. Nice lilting harmonies on the final vocal chunk end it on a high.

godijWalk Before explodes in your ear with a piercing ringing riff which is joined by a chilled drum and bassline. The guitars are the stars of the show on this track as they really drown out the vocals. Once again, the band show that they can do many facets of rock with the alternative instrumental accompanied by pop-rock vocal. It’s followed by Sonder, which has that laid-back summer sound that transports you a few months to festival season. A bouncing rhythm contrasts the whiny guitar spurts.

The first half of the EP ends on Where The Lighthouse Stands, a swaying ballad with an atmospheric vocal. Full of memories and lyrical imagery, it’s a pretty and stirring soundscape that is shadowed by a growling riff. The vocal is exposed in some parts which gives it a warmer, more wholesome feel which is really nice when rounding off a piece about things gone past.

On to the future in the second half of the record, we end up in Manhattanhenge, wherever that is. Starting with an Americana riff and building instruments, it’s another chilled pop-rock number. The British indie is still instilled in the sound and it ends being a great live track with an ear-splitting guitar solo and ethereal backing vocals towards the end.

Spin is perhaps my favourite of the eight songs. It’s a catchy festival track with a killer chorus and atmospheric soaring vocals. The dark riff and drum at the start prevail in the background and it’s the first time that the vocals really move. We are not just listening to a limited amount of vocal notes anymore but across Dave’s whole range.

Short but sweet, The Grip Of Things Past strips the vocals bare again. A very soft riff and drum sound in the background but the pretty catchy melody belongs to the vocal. Again, there are elements of festival indie which is starting to become the soundtrack to many listeners’ summers as the guitars sing it out.

Ending on the dreamy pop-rock of I Woke Up, Go On Do It Jump are bringing together all they’ve given us. The guitar ripples, melodic bare vocal with an indie slant and steady drum running in the back make up who they are and it’s great that they’ve left us with this. It has a summer haze to it that has been descending the whole time and now that it’s finally there, it has consumed this big-hit chorus. May the summer party continue!

January is one to remember for the coming months. There are some tracks that will add a touch of quirk to any summer playlist and are sure to get you in the festival spirit. Go On Do It Jump are great additions to the summer pop-rock genre and their sound sits nicely amongst festival giants.


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