SONG REVIEW: Sofia, Ice Cold Love

ice-cold-love-artworkTITLE: Ice Cold Love
LABEL: Let’s Play Records
RELEASED: May 18th 2015

Kooky folksy female singers are always something that I’m interested in and Sofia is exactly that. Her new single Ice Cold Love is a chilled affair that is perfect for kicking back to this summer.

The half Venezuelan, hsofia-promo-02alf Lebanese singer based in London has been writing songs about her varied background and life since she was 13. Her first EP Once Upon A Time was released last year and she has appeared in The Huffington Post and For Folk’s Sake. She is also popular on the LGBT scene with features in Curve Magazine and Gay Times. This year she embarked on her first UK tour and is now recording her first full-length album called In The City.

Sofia has a pure distinctive voice and there is an endearing innocence to Ice Cold Love. The bouncing folk beat combined with the bluesy guitar spurts fit the song which is both sad but hopeful. It’s about walking away from a negative relationship and finding what you really want. Simplistic and pared back, the instruments really yield to the storytelling of the lyrics.

The beginning of the second verse begins “Tried my hardest to hold on to you but you threw me away like an old pair of shoes”, which sums up the heart of the story. However, it’s ultimately about letting love go for better things. After all, nobody wants ice cold love!

Sofia considers herself an advocate for social change and world peace and Ice Cold Love fits that attitude. It’s peaceful and easy-going, gently washing over your ears. Listen below!


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